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Just Construction

Just construction is committed to sharing and passing down building skills and helping to build nourishing, safe, and supportive spaces for people of the global majority across Turtle Island


Just Construction is a network of builders and community organizers working to strengthen the connections between regenerative/"biophilic" building practices, access to land and housing for Black, Indigenous and People of Color, while working towards a resilient, survivable economy through the climate crisis. Part of the movement for a Just Transition in Vermont is organizing for regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, and a commons engineered especially for frontline communities to participate. By building physical infrastructure for BIPOC leaders throughout the state, we engage in tangible reparative work and support these leaders' ability to lead. This project is a partnership between the SUSU commUNITY Farm, Center for Grassroots Organizing, Every Town, New Frameworks Natural Design/Build, and a number of organizers through our Land Alliance network.

Our team


Center for Grassroots organizing

This is a project for helping organize mass social movements.

This means space where people from different fields can spend time together, share resources, get creative, and build collaborative strategy. A place for the explosion of radical youth leadership to feel at home and skill-up as organizers. A place to apply our dedication to racial justice with boots on the ground and proactively sharing resources. A place for all of us to connect with the farming and agricultural community, to reconfigure our relationship with our unstable food systems in readiness for the impacts of climate change. A place to work on defending the natural world from the impositions of the corporate world. 

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The SUSU commUNITY Farm is a Afro Indigenous stewarded farm and land based healing center in Southern Vermont that elevates Vermont’s land and foodways.


We do this by co-creating a life affirming and culturally relevant platform for Black, Indigenous, People of color, youth, under resourced folx, and allies to thrive and experience safety and connection while beginning to develop the tools and agency to heal from the trauma of colonization.


Through collective commUNITY we aspire to co-create an equitable and just culture for the global majority to thrive in Vermont that centers access to safe and affirming food, commUNITY, and job opportunities.

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